Maintaining Solar panels is a lot like looking after your car. Just as you would service your car to maintain optimum performance, you should service your solar panels regularly for best results. If something goes wrong with your solar panels, it can be a problem, and you’ll need a professional to look into it. In this blog we will walk you through the ways of checking your solar panels and how NuWay Solar helps you in maintaining the optimal performance of your solar panels.

How do you know if your solar panels are working correctly?

  • Your bill.
  • Your solar inverter.
  • Solar monitoring.
  • Compare with the neighbors.
  • Cleaning the solar panels

Common problems with solar panels.

  • Extreme weather conditions (like hail etc.).
  • Manufacturer defects.
  • Inverter issues.
  • Panel fractures or breaks.

NuWay solar and Solar Maintenance


Solar monitoring gives you visibility over your panels and household’s energy consumption to help you make the best choices. And, more importantly, it can help you identify and detect issues with your solar panels before you get a hefty electricity bill. NuWay Solar helps you with solar monitoring and maintenance. To find out more, visit NuWay solar.