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Solar panels are a lot like a car. Just as you would service your car to maintain optimum performance, you should service your solar panels to maintain optimum performance. When something goes wrong with your solar panels, it can be a big problem, and you’ll need a professional to look into it. In this blog we will walk you through the ways of checking your solar panels and how NuWay Solar helps you in maintaining the optimal performance of your solar panels.

How do you know if your solar panels are working correctly?


Your bill

Going solar might significantly lower your electricity costs. Whether or not you pay more or less to the electric company every month will also be dependent on how much power your solar panels produce at any given time, but in general you should expect to pay less than you currently do to the electric company. If that still seems like too high of a rate for this amount of energy, it might be because your solar panels are not working correctly or are dirty!

Your solar inverter

If a product’s inverter is malfunctioning, the solar system installed on your home could under-perform as well. The inverter is a main component of a solar installation and it converts direct current from the solar panels into alternating current.

Solar monitoring

Solar monitoring systems help homeowners gain visibility over their solar panels and consumption statistics, so they know when to adjust consumption habits in order to better manage consumption while reducing energy consumption. More importantly however, solar monitoring systems offer alerts on net consumption, downtimes, and any other issues with your solar setup which could net you hefty electricity bills early next month if not taken care of immediately!

Comparing with the neighbors

One way to check that your solar system is performing well is by comparing it to other systems that are “similarly sized.” The total energy your system generates per day (in kilowatt-hours) is a good measure of its performance. This number, often referred to as ‘e-day’ usually appears on the display screen along with the total value for each hour you’ve monitored, at dusk or dawn when there isn’t any sunlight getting into your inverter.

Cleaning the solar panels

Grime and other buildup on the solar panels will substantially reduce their output. Weekly or bimonthly (depending on level of build-up) cleaning with a soft broom and water is beneficial. Bird droppings, moss or other materials that could potentially collect should be cleaned off regularly to avoid jeopardizing 100% of potential panel output.

Common problems with solar panels.

Extreme weather conditions

The weather conditions like snow, rains and cloudy weather do affect the working of solar panels. These impact the solar panels functioning and impair the performance. Rain drops do accumulate on solar panels causing them to function less efficiently.

Manufacturer defects

Some manufacturing issues like problems with solar cells may affect the working of solar panels leading to decreased output.

Inverter issues

As already stated above inverter is the major part of solar panels and any defect in solar inverter can decrease solar productivity.

Panel fractures or breaks

Any breaks due to snow, rain or some heavy object falling on solar panels can damage the solar circuit. This may impact the working of solar panels leading to less output.

NuWay solar and Solar Maintenance

Solar panel maintenance is one of the core factor affecting solar performance. NuWay Solar takes care of solar panels even after sales. We give value and satisfaction to each customer.

Check your solar panel today

Solar monitoring gives you visibility over your panels and household’s energy consumption to help you make the best choices. And, more importantly, it can help you identify and detect issues with your solar panels before you get a hefty electricity bill. NuWay Solar helps you with solar monitoring and maintenance. To find out more, visit NuWay solar.

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