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As long-term residents of Brisbane, we’re proud to serve our community with high-quality solar products and installation. And the benefits of solar power are especially valuable when the nation’s economy is taking a beating. Why?

1. Enormous Savings on your Energy Bill

Because you use solar power from your panels during the day, you immediately save on daytime energy use costs. Installing a battery with your solar power system means you can extend those savings on power used during the evening. 

You may also find that your home qualifies for financial incentives from the Australian Government via the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and/or the Queensland Government’s regional feed-in tariff. When you speak with John at NuWay Solar, they’ll help you check all the ways you can save – and even make – money from your solar PV system. There’s great peace of mind in knowing the great value you’ll get from solar.

2. Costs of Solar have come down, and your system is low-maintenance

Better technology and an increase in manufacturing volumes has seen the cost of solar come down by over 70% in the last ten years. So if you’ve been thinking about solar for a few years, it’s likely that now is the time you’ll find it’s extremely affordable. 

And maintaining your solar PV system is a breeze – an occasional clean and regular health check should see your system last for around 25 years, with only the inverter likely to need replacement during that time.

3. Freedom and control over your electricity

When you add battery storage to your solar power system you can store enough electricity to power your home through the peak usage hours. This gives tremendous control over your family’s electricity usage.

4. Clean, renewable energy source

Because there are no direct greenhouse gas emissions from your solar PV system, with the electricity being made from sunlight rather than burning fossil fuels, you’re helping the environment while saving money. We’re not going to run out of sunlight any time soon, and here in Brisbane the sun is pretty darn reliable all year round.

Your solar PV system is clean and runs quietly, meaning no intrusion on your household environment.