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 Many Aussies think the Federal Government is paying to discount residential solar energy systems. But while the government facilitates the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), it’s actually energy retailers footing the bill.

Large renewable power stations are required to create certificates for every megawatt hour of power they generate. Energy retailers buy these certificates to meet their obligations under the scheme and they must then surrender these to the Clean Energy Regulator.

These certificates are then issued to individuals to create the rebates.

Significant investment in the Australian renewables industry has been achieved through the SRES, and tens of thousands of jobs have been created.

What does the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme mean for Brisbane Homeowners?

Importantly, it’s allowing Brisbane householders to save thousands of dollars on their power bills when they install rooftop solar, solar hot water heaters and heat pumps.

Small-scale renewable systems which may be eligible for certificates include:
● solar photovoltaic (PV) panels
● wind turbines
● hydro systems
● solar water heaters, and
● air source heat pumps.
The scheme also creates a level of safety in that installers must be a member of the Clean Energy Council.

How is the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme linked to safe solar energy installations?

John Harmer, owner of NuWay Solar, has been asked to repair more than a few dodgy jobs left by other installers. He’s seen the damage caused by untrained installers keen for a quick profit, where they don’t fix each panel correctly, and mess up the wiring which can result in a fire hazard.
“When people buy on price alone, they’re too-easily taken in by cheap components and shoddy workmanship. Nobody wants to find water coming through their ceiling because of a poorly-installed system (which their insurance won’t cover), or find panels have blown off their roof.

“When homeowners take advantage of the Small-scale Renewable Energy system, it helps them choose an installer and a system that will create lasting savings. Our customers are excited to see what’s possible, and over the moon with the outcome.

“And the more we can help families get into clean energy, the better it is for both the planet and our customers’ wallets.”

To be eligible for STCs the solar PV system must be designed and installed by an accredited Clean Energy Council Installer.

Which is an excellent idea, because Australia doesn’t have a national authority responsible for electrical safety!

NuWay Solar only use experienced installers that are accredited by the Clean Energy Council. With more than 90% of their customers coming from referrals or word of mouth it is critical to Nuway Solar to do an amazing job.

Not only do they provide high quality service at installation, the team circles back a little while afterwards to check that each customer is satisfied and understands how their system works.
NuWay Solar has a clear, fast system to help Brisbane homeowners know whether they qualify for the rebates that is proving extremely successful.

Here’s what Brisbane home owners, Jason and Melissa, said:

“We are very pleased with the service from John and the Nuway team. They helped us through the process of getting the right system for our home, all the way through to installing it. Would highly recommend!”

How does the process work when buying a solar energy system from NuWay Solar?

Here’s how the Small-scale Renewable Energy system (solar rebates) works for Brisbane homeowners:

1. Interested homeowners fill out the contact form for NuWay Solar
2. John or Nick calls to arrange the best time to visit, so that they can ensure the property is suitable for a solar energy installation (where CoVid restrictions are in effect, this can be done online)
3. They then assist homeowners in submitting their rebate application
4. Installation is arranged at the earliest opportunity
5. A short time after the installation is complete, John checks back in to make sure each homeowner knows how their solar energy system works, and that everything is running smoothly.

The Clean Energy Council endorses the continued facilitation of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, noting that:

“The solar industry is regulated through an accreditation scheme that is linked to the SRES through legislation. The accreditation scheme has been instrumental in maintaining high safety and quality standards during a decade of massive growth.

Rooftop solar is one of the few direct ways that households and businesses can reduce their power bills.”

In an environment where many companies are happy to compete on price alone (and cut corners to do it), NuWay Solar prefers to provide excellent value both on the dollars and on service to their customers and the community.

Helping people access the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme is just one way they do that.

“We recently decided to install solar and contacted NuWay Solar for a quote based on reading some favourable reviews, and we are so glad we did! We are so pleased we went with a local, family-run company.”