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In 2020 more than 2.56 million rooftop solar systems were installed in Australia.

Homeowners in Australia are installing more solar panels in recent years because of the reduced cost of solar systems and reduced energy bills. One of the significant

benefits for homeowners is the increased value of their properties.

The reason solar panels skyrocket the value of properties is because of::
1) Increased Government inclination towards solar energy use
2) Reduced energy bills

How solar panels reduce energy bills:

Save on power bills when you install solar. Why pay for electricity when you can generate it on your own roof? And any excess power you generate? It gets exported to the power grid and you’ll receive credits on your power bill in exchange.

Savings on energy bills vary from region to region, as does the rebate offered by the Australian Government.

To get the maximum savings on your energy bill, generate more solar energy than your household will use. Using more solar panels or having large-sized solar panels generate more electricity.

The best option is to have large size solar panels that can generate more solar power.

Solar Panels and Property Value :

Using solar panels will increase the value of your home because it will receive a small-scale
technological certificate (STC). This certificate is issuedby the government to homeowners who are using large solar panels.

An STC will appreciate your property value when you will sell your property. And, you will also get a subsidy value on your solar system.


Invest in a renewable energy system and watch your power bill plummet. Plus, get the added
bonus of increasing the value of your home.

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