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 ? What is the latest on Solar Panels being recycled??

Australia is starting to show promising signs of solar panel recycling by turning old solar panels into reusable materials, often described as upcycling.

The Roof Top Solar Market is BOOMING in Australia, and we’re pleased to see interest in what happens to the panels at the end of their lifecycle.

Recycling the panels is not only good for the environment, but can also be profitable for business owners – this flows to creating more jobs.

At NuWay Solar we find that we are removing old systems at a rate of 1 in every 12 installations, so recycling is a very important topic for us.

Old systems may have been damaged or are not serving the owner with enough power. Replacing the old system is more economical that repairing it, because technology is improving very rapidly.

Nuway Solar will always do our best to recycle or upcycle as we want the best outcomes both for our customers and for our world.

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