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You hear it all the time. “But what if I get ripped off?”

“How do I know if it’s a good deal?”
Extremely fair questions, and when you are not sure what is involved it’s hard to know what questions you should ask.
Here are some of the things we’ve seen happen in the industry.

1. Some solar companies advertise a really low price for the solar energy system, because they cut costs on installation.

This means the installers are rushing to fit more jobs into one day than is reasonable, and can lead to sloppy work.

It also means that the bits and pieces used to secure your panels to the roof can be substandard. 

We recently heard of a solar panel completely blowing off a roof, because the installer used clamps that were too big and didn’t hold it down at all. Here’s a nice take on a “wireless rail” – seems they ran out of supports and just couldn’t be bothered.

2. Some solar companies just don’t think about the best setup.

If just one panel is even slightly shaded, all the rest on that string (row) will perform at that lowest level. So this setup? It’s a no from us.

3. And some solar energy installations are just downright dangerous.

How to make sure you get a solar energy system that is safe, will produce the power you need and will last.

Check the installers are qualified.

And to be extra-sure, choose local. NuWay Solar has been serving the residents of Brisbane and South-East Queensland for over nine years. And our satisfied customers are happy to return for another installation when they move house or are ready to upgrade.

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