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You’ve already saved thousands of dollars on your electricity bills, thanks to the solar power system installed in your home. But now you’re wondering if it’s possible to make those panels even more efficient? The answer is absolutely! There are a number of simple tricks which you can use to help maximize the efficiency and performance of your solar power system.

In this blog we will help you with some simple ways to maximize solar panel efficiency.

Ways to improve solar Panel Efficiency:

  • Understand your needs and Reduce Numbers of Devices

If you’re using solar panels to power your devices, you might want to consider making use of the long-term energy efficiency benefits by only sending power to your devices when they need it. 

Generally, you don’t need all the devices at a time – for instance, a room with sufficient sunlight doesn’t require additional light during the day (or you don’t always use an additional lamp), and these kinds of things can save significant amounts of energy after a short while. Similarly, when you are watching TV, turn off things like laptops or routers! This extremely benefits and makes your system that much more efficient. Everything could be set up in a way that would avoid it from being wasteful!

  • Install backup Batteries

Once you’ve decided that solar energy is the way to go, adding in a rechargeable battery system is most certainly worth considering. Having solar batteries can provide your house with solar power both, during the day and especially at night. You’ll also be able to back-up your appliances so they won’t burn out if there were ever to be an outage in your neighborhood due to repairs or extreme weather conditions!

  • Go to net metering to sell your excess energy

There are ways in which you can sell your extra solar energy! If you want to reduce your monthly power bill and make the most of clean renewable energy, then you might like to consider what’s known as ‘net metering’. In this way, it is possible to offset electricity use with electricity generation. Net metering is where homeowners sell their excess power into their local grid so that it can be redistributed by utility companies.

  • Go with high-quality products

In order to get an efficient solar system, you need quality products. The ingredients that make the solar panels, like solar cells and other components, have to be of good quality in order for your system to run well and with little-to-no maintenance requirements.

  • Install a Solar Concentrator

When you buy a solar panel, make sure you have a concentrating device for it. It can help to improve the panel’s energy efficiency and identify ways to ensure it doesn’t lose any power. The focusing device makes sunlight fall on your panel directly, concentrating all its energy and converting it into electricity.

  • Right angle and no shades

In order to get the most efficiency out of your solar panels, you want to set them up so that they’re able to absorb as much light as possible. A solar panel is able to produce sufficient energy when it will be subject to plenty of sunlight. It cannot produce adequate energy without getting enough sunlight for an extended period of time. In order for a solar panel to endure more hours in the sun, its pitch must be right and have sufficient room between itself and neighboring structures (such as structures or trees). A high level of exposure may occur due to elevated surface area but if shade is present then it would be impossible for photoelectric conversion to take place.

  • Keep solar panels clean

You should clean your solar panels if you want to get energy from them at an optimal rate. Small particles, like dust or dirt, will accumulate on a solar panel and hinder its functionality; so regular cleaning can make a major difference over time in terms of energy efficiency. There are a couple different ways to clean your Solar Panel depending on the size of the machine you have, but one thing is for sure – it’s much easier than you might think.

  • Prevent rise in temperature

The operating conditions of your solar panels will directly correlate with the temperature they are exposed to. If you want to ensure that your panels experience the ideal temperature when exposed to sunlight, it’s best to check your panel’s specific area recommendations before you install them into a location that may have extremes in weather.

  • Proper care & maintain your solar system

If you want to get the most out of your solar panels, always keep a good eye on them. Solar panels need to be kept clean and will deteriorate over time if they are not. However some panels will have issues which are only visible to experts and they’re more likely to do with the connections – so if you are unsure about how to fix things or what instructions to follow then seek advice from a professional who can improve the performance of your kit for better efficiency in the long run.

  • Hire a professional solar installer

It’s best to get the advice from a professional solar installer who has expertise in improving solar panel efficiency. Such solar panel installers will help you increase solar system efficiency and keep your electricity bills in check. 

NuWay Solar and solar panel efficiency

NuWay Solar is one of the best solar panel installers in Australia having years of experience. It has helped thousands of residential people install solar panels with maximum efficiency and keep power bills low. It always guides residents in Australia on how to meet their energy needs with right sized and quality solar panels.  To get in touch with our expert solar installer visit NuWay Solar.

Talk to your solar panel installer 

Finally, you got some useful tips to maximize the efficiency of your solar panels and reduce your electricity bills. But you also need to consider how long ago you installed your solar panels – if they’re old, or you originally purchased a cheaper system, it might be time for an upgrade.

Why not talk with your solar experts about an upgrade and see if the potential benefits are worth it?